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Hawksley's Patent Treads 

Reclaimed Solid Cast Iron Step Floral Detail Vintage Spiral Steps Staircase #M14
Reclaimed Steps From A Spiral Staircase
Price Is For One Step. Quantity 14
Contact For Current Availability.
Could Be Re-Purposed As A Shorter Flight In A Garden Or Home
Width at Widest Point 14", Width at Smallest Point 3"
Length Of Step 29", Total Depth 8"
Hole For Support Post 62mm
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Collection Only
~Available to View~
Barnston area, Wirral
Wed, Thurs, Fri Between 8am and 5pm.
Contact : Salvage & Stone, Merseyside, UK. Tel: 0151 648 6486.
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Price : £80
Stock Code : #M14
Images :

Location : UK > Merseyside
Category : STAIRCASES parts & accessories
Type : Reclaimed / Salvaged
ID : 94174
User : 7047 ; Antique/Reclamation/Salvage Trade ; (Registered SalvoWEB user for 2 years or more)
Date Created : 18 Mar 2016 00:31:07
Date Modified : 18 Mar 2016 00:32:05;

Hawksley's Patent Treads
A run of iron stair treads, with inset square woodblock end grain walking surface. Six pieces 39ins by 14ins, 4 pieces 39ins by 24ins, one marked HAWKSLEYS PATENT STEPS J WESTWOOD JNR BOW LONDON. In total around 5 or 6 sq yds.

Viewing days for this and other heritage material for sale are by appointment, the first will be for Saturday 4th October. The material is located in Oxfordshire. Please email heritagematerial@gmail dot com in the first instance, or phone the number in contacts.

A Short History of Hawksley's Patent Treads:
Patent No 3306 was taken out by engineer and inventor George Hawksley of 1 Montrose Villas, Caledonian Road, Middlesex in 1865 for 'improvements in constructing the treads of steps or stairs', and the earliest mention of Hawksley's Patent Treads is in a description of Bow Station in the Railway News of September 1870 described as a vast improvement on the 'smooth stone tread of the past, on which, or rather off which one was so likely to slip when running in a hurry to catch a train'.

Joseph Westwood was the maker of Hawksley's Patent Treads, from about 1879, supplying institutional and commercial buildings all over Britain and further afield, for example in 1883 tendering for the supply to the new Brisbane Treasury building (now a casino) in Australia.

From 1895 Hawksley's Treads were manufactured, together with an improved version, invented by a Greenwich civil engineer, J. T. Andrews, by the Andrews-Hawksley Patent Tread Company Ltd which were used on omnibus and tram platforms, comprised of wooden cubes in wrought iron framing. They were said to be stronger than comparable treads using cast iron frames, with the additional advantage that the blocks could be reversed when worn.

A number of local people took shares in the new company, including Harry Hooper, the Millwall surveyor and estate agent, and Horace Bradshaw, a carman and contractor.
In the Leeds Mercury 4 May 1883 a description of the new Keighley Railway Station reads: 'The steps are made of small square-faced blocks of pitch pine let into iron frames and known as Hawksley's Patent Treads'. In 1900 Andrews Hawksley's Patent Tread Company Ltd was wound up in the Chancery Division London. By 1904 Hawksley treads were manufactured by the St Pancras Ironwork Company, of London.

Note: Joseph Westwood senior is the founder of the football club which became West Ham Football Club, its nickname 'The Hammers' and 'The Irons' coming from it's ironworking heritage.
Contact : Heritage Material Seeks A Home, Oxfordshire, UK. Tel: 07976 583516.
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Price : Best trade offers over £250
Provenance : yes

Location : UK > Oxfordshire
Category : STAIRCASES parts & accessories
Type : Antique / Reclaimed
ID : 84859
User : 50497 ; Diyer/Homeowner/Private ; (Registered SalvoWEB user for 1 year)
Date Created : 05 Sep 2014 17:06:55
Date Modified : 30 Sep 2014 14:55:24;

Double curtail step Portland stone (or similar limestone) staircase, with iron or steel balusters and solid hardwood handrails. Overall rise approx 140cm.
Contact : Lancashire and Cumbria Demolition Contractors Ltd, Greater Manchester, UK. Tel: 07793461034.
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Price : Please call.
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Location : UK > Greater Manchester
Category : STAIRCASES parts & accessories
Type : Reclaimed / Salvaged
ID : 84539
User : 50357 ; Demolition contractor ; (Registered SalvoWEB user for 1 year)
Date Created : 18 Aug 2014 17:24:39
Date Modified : 18 Aug 2014 17:26:22;

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